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Yesterday, in the park of MCAM, Emir Šehanović’s sculpture was unveiled as part of the “In the Park” project, organized by the Experimental Department of MCAM.

The artist produced this sculpture during his residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, during which he also conducted a masterclass for sculpture students from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje.

Šehanović finds inspiration for his sculptures in various aspects of nature. “From shapes and textures to the process of evolution and relationships within ecosystems. I’m often intrigued by organic forms found in the plant and animal worlds, as well as abstract ideas concerning humanity’s relationship with nature and technology. The interplay between growth and decay, order and chaos – these also influence my thinking as I conceptualize and create each piece,” the artist emphasizes.

Curator Natalija Vujošević stated that the “In the Park” program will involve residencies for artists, artistic collectives, and organizations whose practices experimentally explore issues of environment and contemporaneity, intersecting art and science in the process. The work process will be conducted outdoors, in direct communication with the audience, incorporating participatory and educational segments.

In a segment discussing Šehanović’s work within the program, MCAM curator Vuk Vuković highlights how the artist brings “the desperate state of the environment” closer to us through sculpture, where organic and inorganic materials intertwine, intervening in wood, emerging like an unknown secretion – yet part of the wood, the composition of the tree: root, bark, leaf, branch.

“As ecology is increasingly regulated by comprehensive digital systems and as nature emerges more from its organism (po) returning artificial materials, we can speak of a rhizomatic intertwining of the post-natural and post-organic, whereby Nature increasingly resembles abnormal anatomy, which has no clear foundation but openness.”

The sculpture will be exhibited in MCAM’s park in the coming months, after which it will be presented in other public spaces throughout Montenegro.