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Last night, the promotion of Branislav BaneSekulić’s monograph took place at Petrović’s Castle. Art historians Ljiljana Zeković and Petrica Duletić, as well as the artist Branislav Sekulić, spoke at the promotion.

The monograph represents a cross-section of Branislav Bane Sekulić’s decades-long artistic work and was realized by the publishing house of the Museum of Contemporary Art Montenegro. The editor of the monograph is Maja Dedić, who is also the curator of the retrospective exhibition that accompanies this monograph.

“We owe gratitude to the Museum team that actively worked on the realization of this edition, consisting of Danica Bogojević, Anja Marković, and Teodora Nikčević. Also, to photographers Jovana Vujanović, Duško Miljanić, Lazar Pejović, Radoje Jovanović, and Dejan Kalezić. The monograph was designed by Aleksa Tomović. The monograph has 246 pages and is bilingual,” said PR of Museum Hristina Bošković.

Art historian Ljiljana Zeković emphasized in her presentation that what sets apart the creative personality of Sekulić is the visual interpretation that revives the metalinguistic awareness of abstract phenomena through real values.

“His work of figurative procedure has no counterpart in Montenegrin contemporary art. Unique and self-sufficient, it is close to metaphysical neo-romanticism, where nature and man pave the way for the fairy-tale, beauty, and magic of the Mediterranean region, where the spirits of past and present times meet,” said Zeković.

Petrica Duletić stated that Sekulić is a true master in depicting the trembling and warm Mediterranean atmosphere. “He builds that quivering handwriting from multiple layers of dotted structures, transferring the complexity of the creation of the work to the complexity of the content of each piece. The emphasis is on the brushstroke itself. Rhythm is one of the recognizable characteristics of Sekulić’s painting. We can call this type of rhythm sensual because it tends to a certain circular movement, synthetic dotted spreading without a privileged center. In these works, it is noticeable that rhythm, harmoniously composed with the relationship between linear and chromatic, is precisely emphasized.”

Branislav Sekulić expressed exceptional gratitude to the entire team of the Museum of Contemporary Art Montenegro, emphasizing that it is a special honor for him that his monograph is the first edition of MCAM.

A reminder that the retrospective exhibition of Branislav Sekulić is currently ongoing at Petrović’s Castle, open to the public until January 26th.