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As part of the educational program for children at MCAM, in collaboration with the “Mine Imaginarium” school, a visual arts workshop for children was held yesterday in the Botanical Garden of MCAM.

The workshop was led by MCAM museum educator Danijela Stjepčević Laušević and Iva Ivanović, the executive director of “Mine Imaginarium” Children not only had the opportunity to express their creativity but also learned about the importance of art in our lives.

“The workshop not only provided an opportunity for children to have fun and express their creativity but also emphasized the crucial importance of developing creative intelligence in children. Through artistic activities, children were encouraged to develop their imagination, originality, and critical thinking. In addition, this type of activity contributes to the development of fine motor skills, socialization, and self-confidence in children,” said Stjepčević Laušević.

The art workshop not only enriched the museum space with new colors and creative expressions but also highlighted the importance of including art in children’s lives. Through such initiatives, we open doors for the further development of children’s creativity and artistic expression.

This event represents just one step in the broader mission of supporting creative development in children, simultaneously emphasizing the role of art in shaping a richer and more diverse society.

Iva Ivanović expressed her delight that “Mine Imaginarium” has been recognized by MCAM as a school of art significant for the creative and comprehensive development of children.

“I am confident that this is just the beginning of our collaboration, and such projects will contribute to nurturing art and culture in children and youth,” said Ivanović.