Museum of contemporary art of Montenegro
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Dr Vladislav Scepanovic was born in Niksic, Montenegro 1971.

He graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1994. in Cetnje.

He obtained his master degree on the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade 1996.

He gained his PhD in the field of Art and Media Theory, at the Interdisciplinary doctoral studies  at the University of Arts in Belgrade 2009., under mentorship of Professor dr Divna Vuksanovic.

Currently, he is working as a director of The Museum of Contemporary Art of  Montenegro and professor in the subject of Drawing and the subject of Painting, on the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade.

And as a professor on PhD studies on the Faculty of Applied Arts and University of Arts in Belgrade, subject: Art and Media Theory.

Acting Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade during 2013/2014.

He was the president of the Board of 55 October Salon in 2014, Belgrade.

He had over 30 solo exhibitions and many group exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo, New York, Venice, Houston, Washington, Hoboken, Podgorica, Budva, Belgrade, Banja Luka, Osijek, Novi Sad, Groznjan.

He is a winner of award for painting for 2001year “BELI ANDJEO/ White Angel”, Mileseva, 2001.

He published the texts about art theory and philosophy in important scientific journals and one book:”Media spectacle and destruction”; University of Arts, Belgrade 2010.

He represented Serbia in 57. Venice biennale, as an artist in the project ‘Enclavia’, 2017.

He was the commissioner of the Republic of Serbia on 58. Venice biennale, 2019.

Board member of 58. October Salon, 2019/2020.

President of the board  of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

Senator at the University of Arts in Belgrade, 2020/

He is the commissioner of The State of Montenegro on Venice Bennale 2024.


Finding a Way,  Collective exhibitionin MC Gallery New York, 2023

Cultural Centar Šabac, New Adam and Eve, solo show, 2023

Anacostia Art Centar, Collective exhibition, Washington 2022.

TS4312 Shinjuku-ku, Solo Exhibition,Game of Thrones, Tokyo, Japan, Jun,2022.

Museum POMA, Republic of Korea, May-September 2021.

TS4312 Shinjuku-ku, Solo Exhibition,Game of Thrones, Tokyo, Japan, April 2021.

Banski dvor, Solo Exhibition, November, 2018, Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Anya Tish Gallery, Solo Exhibition, January-February 2018, Houston USA.

57th Venice Biennale, Serbian Pavilion, Enclavia, 2017.

The Limits of Visibility, 25 Slavonian Biennale, Osijek, Croatia, 2017.

Scope Art Fair, New York, USA,  March 2016, exhibit with Barsky Gallery.

Serbian Pop Story, Barsky Gallery, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA September, 2015.

“Road to Europe: the hero and the witnesses”, Collective exhibition in gallery “Art Encounters”, Subotica, 2014.

»Hunger«, Collective exhibition in gallery Yugoslav Film Archive, Belgrade, 2014.

»What does Vladislav Scepanovic« exhibition in gallery Ozone, Belgrade, 2014.

»Discomfort in Culture« group exhibition in gallery Ozone, Belgrade, 2013.

»Ownership of fate« Collective exhibition in gallery Fonticum, Groznjan, Croatia, Jun, 2012.

»Simulation of meaning« exhibition in gallery Fonticum, Groznjan, Croatia, May, 2012.

»The Hard Soc again, mutherfuckers« exhibition in gallery Belgrade, Belgrade April 2010.

»Art and Revolution«, exhibition in Atelje 212, Belgrade, 12. 12. 2009.

»Society of Spectacle« exhibition at gallery ULUS, Belgrade, 2007.

» Cultural industry« exhibition in gallery Vojvodjanske banke, Novi Sad, 2006.

»Occident Mammons Way 2\\\’« exhibition in gallery Den, Tokyo,July – August 2005.

»Occident Mammons Way« exhibition in gallery SKC Belgrade January 2005.

45th October art salon, CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST BELGRADE, 10. 09. – 31. 10. 2004.

»Passion 2« the exhibition should have taken place in gallery »Progres«, but it had been forbidden – February 2004.

»Passion« Painting exhibition in Art pavilion in Podgorica Novembar 2003.

Pulp Fiction, exhibition Art Group HARD SOC./ /V.Scepanović,V.Markoski, Jile, M. Pjescic, Z. Glamocak/, Gallery KCB, Belgrade, March 2001.

Art in interregnum, painting exhibition of group HARD SOC. /V.Scepanović,V.Markoski, Jile, M. Pjescic/, SKC, Belgrade,17.XI-30.XI, 2000.

Art of Real Dangers, painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, “IV Bijenale mladih”, Vršac, July-August, 2000.

Out of Reality, HARD SOC., HYPE, painting exhibition, gallery Belgrade, 11.V-25.V 2000.

Shadow of your Paradise, HARD SOC., painting exhibition, /V.Scepanović,V.Markoski, Jile, M. Pjescic/, Gallery 73, Belgrade, 25.XI-15.XII 1999.

Art of Reality association, Second yearly promotion painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, concert / Total destruction, Supernaut/, film of Igor Simonović Stadium, club Underground, Belgrade, 1.XI 1999.

Art of Reality association, First yearly promotion, painting exhibition /HARD SOC., HYPE/, lecture “Art of really danger /M. Pjescic, S.Dj.Marković/, “Pogon Doma Omladine” Belgrade, 7.VII 1999.

Painting exhibition, Yugoslav Cultural Center, Paris, 1998.

Los Angeles-Beograd, /Jelena Markovic, Vladislav Šcepanovic, Srdjan Jile Markovic/, Gallery ULUPUDS, Beograd, 9.VI-23.VI, 1998.

Happy People, Painting exhibition, Happy Gallery of SKC, Belgrade, 24.IV-7.V 1998.

Painting exhibition, Gallery Contemporary Art Center, Podgorica, 1996.

Painting exhibition, Gallery KNU, Belgrade, 1996.


Human Memory in the time of Software, Article by Ljudska memorija u vremenu softvera, magazine: Politika, 25.08.2019.

Regaining Human Memory in the Time of Software, Text by Vladislav Sčepanović for Serbian artist Djordje Ozbolt, Venice Biennale, 2019.

Monography. MEDIA SPECTACLE AND THE DESTRUCTION: Aesthetics Destruction and Spectacularisation reality, Sluzbeni glasnik, Belgrade, 2010.

The role of photography in promoting a society of spectacle, in: CM, journal of management communication, No. 13. 2009-2010, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade.

Media aesthetics and destruction, in: Proceedings of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade, 2009 – 2010.

Media culture and terrorism – symbiosis of media and destruction, in: CULTURE, journal of theory and sociology of culture and cultural policy, No. 124, Belgrade, 2009. 

The Conflict of generalization, in: NATIONAL INTEREST National Interest, Institute for Political Studies, Belgrade, 2007. 

Human Rights, or Rights of passive observes, in: FILOZOFEME, Serbian philosophical forum, Novi Sad, October 2006.