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Last night, the Retrospective Exhibition of Branislav Bane Sekulić, comprising over 50 recent works, was opened at Petrović’s Castle. These works represent a cohesive conceptual entity of his multi-decade artistic oeuvre.

Speaking at the exhibition opening were PhD Vladislav Šćepanović, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art Montenegro (MCAM), Maja Dedić, the exhibition curator, and Branislav Bane Sekulić, the artist.

“Bane Sekulić is an artist consistent in his painterly expression from the beginning of his career to today. It’s rare to find an artist who has resisted technological temptations and the world of entertainment, as well as the trivialities of software offerings, and remained true to the uniqueness and irreplaceability in creating artwork,” emphasized Šćepanović.

Exhibition curator Maja Dedić highlighted that Sekulić’s entire body of work is based on finding subtle differences and great similarities between what is seen and experienced, ordinary and everyday, all in the service of artistic transformation.

“The way in which he managed to visualize his impressions and thoughts ranged from hyper-realistic manner, with original analysis of consumer society in the initial phase of his creative work, over warm interiors and exteriors with antique sculptures appearing during the 80s. Then, during the 90s, he created works in the spirit of magical realism, from 2000 to 2010 abstract paintings, and from then on, he started a cycle of paintings close to surrealism and metaphysical painting – works from the ‘Mediterranean’ cycle from 2010 until today,” explained Dedić.

Dedić also mentioned that the exhibition is accompanied by a monograph published by the Museum of Contemporary Art Montenegro, with expert texts by Petrica Duletić, Ljiljana Zeković, and Mladen Lompar. The promotion of the monograph will take place on January 16th at Petrović’s Castle.

Branislav Bane Sekulić, born in 1952 in Prokuplje, is an artist who completed his studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 1978. Throughout his career, he has shown consistency in his painterly expression. His works are held in numerous museums and private collections, and he has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, receiving various significant awards.

The exhibition is open to the public until January 26, 2024.