Museum of contemporary art of Montenegro
Kruševac bb, Podgorica, Crna Gora
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The Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro, in collaboration with the Museum of Broken Relationships from Zagreb, presents the exhibition “The Museum of Broken Relationships” at Petrović Palace in Podgorica. The grand opening of the exhibition is scheduled for January 30, at 7:00 PM. The opening will feature remarks from the exhibition curator, Anja Marković, and the founder of the Museum of Broken Relationships, Olinka Vištica.

“Do you remember your early days of collecting? Gathering stickers, napkins, stamps? Do you recall how important it was to you? Filling an entire album, possessing those rare but valuable items?” notes Marković in the exhibition’s catalog text.

The Museum of Broken Relationships preserves objects and stories from our personal histories, as well as emotions, rightfully safeguarding and nurturing the emotional heritage of individuals and communities.

Marković emphasizes that the Museum of Broken Relationships holds exceptional and manifold significance, primarily as a personal, then collective, and ultimately global institution.

“Nevertheless, it has been shown that our need to speak and preserve is universal and unifying, despite all the differences we carry as individuals. The success of this museum lies in the fact that, in just 17 years, it has traveled the entire world, exploring the concept of heritage. It has touched many on the most important, human level, often overlooked by science.”

The Museum of Broken Relationships is an original artistic project conceived in 2006 by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. Since then, the museum has taken thousands of people on a journey around the world, examining the perception of heritage. The first permanent location was established in Zagreb. In 2010, the museum won the EMYA Kenneth Hudson Award for the most innovative museum project in Europe.

The exhibition will showcase over seventy exhibits, comprising items collected through donations from the Montenegrin public and those found in the Museum of Broken Relationships collection.