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Last night, the exhibition “Existential Questions in Contemporary Sculptural Practice” was opened at the House of The King’s Guard, featuring a selection from the Collection of Contemporary Sculpture from the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts Niš.

At the opening, Maja Dedić, curator at MCAM, and Emilija Bilić, director of JU GSLU Niš, spoke.

The Concept of the Exhibition

“The exhibition offers one possible overview of the development of recent sculptural practices in the Serbian art scene over the past 25 years. It presents ten works representing individual artistic ideas from creators with different creative expressions and artistic sensibilities, insisting on a free, individual, and original approach to contemporary sculptural events,” said Dedić in her address.

“The idea is to identify, describe, and explain significant sculptural phenomena and adequately present trends in contemporary sculptural expression through the selection of artists. The selection of works focuses on themes and narratives within the domain of universal contemporary issues that resonate with us.”

Emilija Bilić emphasized that this exhibition is the result of years of collaboration between the two institutions, which began in 2018. Such projects signify recognition among artists and provide opportunities for exchanging experiences, professional comparisons, and drawing parallels.

The exhibition features works by Zlatko Glamočak, Mrđan Bajić, Rajko Popivoda, Zdravko Joksimović, Gabriel Glid, Dragan Jelenković, Radoš Antonijević, Marko Crnobrnja, Mirko Marić, and Rado Mutapović.

The participating artists are exceptionally significant figures in recent sculptural practice, with well-developed oeuvres and rich exhibition activities both nationally and internationally.

The exhibition is open to the public until February 27.