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Last night, the exhibition of Slobodan Bobo Slovinić, from the cycle “Bijeli Dol,” was opened at the Gallery of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro (MSUCG).

Speaking at the opening were MSUCG museum advisor Marina Čelebić and artist Slobodan Bobo Slovinić.

Opening Remarks

“Tonight, we present works from the ‘Bijeli Dol’ cycle, created in 2023, which showcases a part of the rich opus of Slobodan Slovinić. This exhibition aims to once again highlight one of the most eminent figures of the Montenegrin cultural scene, whose artistic work has fully achieved and confirmed its artistic value,” emphasized Čelebić at the opening.

Čelebić also highlighted that the exhibited works represent imagined biological sequences of the homeland, inspired by the author’s strong emotions, who, for over six decades, always has something new to convey.

“The presented scenes provide a unique visual and sentimental experience, reminding us of the excellence of dedicated and diligent work, whose results transcend the boundaries of time.”

Artist’s Perspective

Slovinić stated that, from his perspective, the most optimal art is the one that directly emanates from the artist’s corpus. “It is a source that bursts from the soul as a collection of strength and emotions. Tonight, I present to you such a selection, a collection of works titled ‘Bijeli Dol.'”

He emphasized that in his works, he depicted a paradisiacal garden, preserved in his memories from youth. “A handful of Mediterranean emotions scattered on these works, which I offer you to enjoy.”

The exhibition features the “Bijeli Dol” cycle, created in 2023, comprising 53 works realized using techniques of watercolor, gouache, and oil.

About the Artist

Slobodan Bobo Slovinić was born in 1943 in Budva. He graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts in Belgrade, majoring in interior architecture. He has undertaken study trips to Greece, Germany, France, Italy, Iraq, the USSR, and Spain. He has held over 50 solo and more than 350 group and collective exhibitions both domestically and internationally. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, including:

– The Liberation Award of Titograd for Painting (1977)
– First Prize at the Winter Salon in Herceg Novi (1980)
– Painting Award of the city of Breseja, France (1983)
– “Moša Pijade” Fund Award at the XVIII Art Salon “13th November” in Cetinje (1984)
– First Prize at the Art Salon “13th November” in Cetinje (1987)
– Honorary Award for Painting, Union of French Artists, Paris (1988)
– Painting Award “Le Franc Bourgeois” in Breseja (1989)
– November Award for Painting, Budva (1990)
– Thirteenth July Award (1990)
– “White Angel” Plaque for Painting, Prijepolje (1995)

He is a distinguished cultural creator of Montenegro since 2010. A member of ULUCG and ULUPUCG since 1968, he was elected secretary of the CANU Art Committee in 1978 and became a member of “Maison des Artistes” in Paris in 1983. He is also one of the founders and a member of the Montenegrin Pan-European Union.

The exhibition will be open to the public until April 16, 2024.