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As part of the accompanying program for the Erro exhibition at MSUCG in the House of the King’s Guard, an art workshop for adults titled “Landscape of Faces” was held.

Curator Natalija Đuranović led the workshop, while museum educator Danijela Stjepčević Laušević provided expert guidance through the exhibition.

The workshop included participation from students of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the University of the Mediterranean, under the guidance of Professor Nela Darmanović.

This workshop was of exceptional significance in promoting art and creativity among adults, providing them with the opportunity to explore the theme of landscape of faces through various artistic techniques.

Thanks to the dedication of the curator and museum educator, participants gained deeper insights into the artistic process and the context of the Erro exhibition.

In the coming period, we will organize similar programs aimed at fostering continuous community interest in art and providing enriching cultural content to the audience.