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MCAM is pleased to announce a lecture by Majd Nasrallah, a researcher and curator from Palestine, visiting the Museum as part of the Laboratory of Art Collections from Non-Aligned Countries project. The conversation will be moderated by curator Natalija Vujošević.

The lecture will be held on Thursday, April 18, at 6:00 PM at the House of the King’s Guard, MCAM.

During this event, Majd will delve into Palestine’s complex and traumatic historical narrative, and explore the pivotal issue of future collective human values in the face of the tragedies we witness today.

“The current existence of cultural organizations in Palestine is characterized by a paradigm of insecurity. Their operations are often hindered by donor policies, while their freedom of expression is limited by security structures. This presents a unique opportunity for us to critically reassess our knowledge and methods of cultural production. It also prompts us to ask challenging questions. What does creating space for radical imagination of a different future, one that fosters discourse on resistance, truly mean? How can we courageously explore new political and social values, and propose creative forms of community organization that actively contribute to their realization? Given the present danger and threat to cultural organizations, what does global solidarity truly mean in practice? Importantly, how can we move beyond merely highlighting violations of human values in our work, to actively centering these values in our collective struggle for dignity, liberation, and freedom?”

Majd Nasrallah, hailing from Qalansuwe in the Triangle area of Palestine, specializes in popular education, grassroots political organizing, and the production of critical knowledge. He holds a degree in International Law and Human Rights from Bard College and is currently in residence at MCA Zagreb.