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MSUCG is pleased to announce the launch of its new project “In the Park,” conceived and implemented by the Experimental Department of MSUCG.

This innovative program will take place in the public spaces of the museum park, as well as in collaboration with other public venues alongside MSUCG partners.

“In the Park” program will feature residencies for artists, artistic collectives, and organizations whose experimental practices critically engage with contemporary environmental issues, merging art and science in their processes. The work will unfold outdoors, with direct interaction with the audience through participatory and educational components.

The first phase of the project commences with a residency by interdisciplinary artist Emir Šehanović.

During his residency, Šehanović will create an installation in a public space, responding to the park environment. A workshop will be organized with sculpture students from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, where they will have the opportunity to engage practically and discuss innovative materials in sculpture with the artist and MSUCG curators.

Emir Šehanović employs a complex artistic approach, experimenting with a fusion of classical sculpture techniques with new technologies and materials. His work creates hybrid landscapes, bodies, and species, presenting science-fictional scenes of a disquieting yet strangely familiar future. His objects and digital images blur the boundary between the real and virtual worlds, embodying post-human para-organic forms amidst galloping processes of technological innovation, ecological disasters, and the dissolution of objective reality through post-media image saturations.

Born in Tuzla in 1981, Emir Šehanović has exhibited his work internationally at solo and group exhibitions including venues such as Jeune Création at Les Beaux-Arts de Paris (2018), AQB Project Space Budapest (2018), Ultrastudio Los Angeles (2018), Gallery Weekend Berlin (2015), and Athens Video Art Festival (2013). He has also participated in art fairs like Liste Art Fair (2015), Parallel Vienna, ArtGeneve (2018), Vienna Contemporary, and ArtGeneve (2019). Šehanović was recently selected as one of the “100 Sculptors of Tomorrow” by Thames and Hudson. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.