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On Thursday, Majd Nasrallah, a Palestinian curator and researcher, delivered a lecture at the House of the King’s Guard MCAM, moderated by MCAM curator Natalija Vujošević.

“We must not allow attacks on freedom of expression through censorship and government, media, institutional, and other pressures to prevent us from standing for the truth.

If we succumb to this, we do two things: we legitimize the dehumanization of Palestinians and say it’s okay, which is dangerous because eventually it will come to our doorsteps, as it strengthens this political discourse globally. We must not accept the substitution of anti-Zionism for antisemitism. Do not be afraid to speak out because the struggle for Palestine is a just fight, a fight for emancipation, freedom, dignity,” he emphasized in his presentation.

Nasrallah also stated that this is not a religious or cultural conflict but a tactic of diversion.

“They try to confuse you by saying things like ‘conflict’ and that it’s ‘complicated.’ It’s not. It’s black and white. There is the oppressor and there are the oppressed. The only thing that is complex is their matrix of oppression to subjugate the indigenous population for the privilege of one ethno-religious collective. The way they do this is by dividing the Palestinian people to prevent their unity.”

He highlighted that this occurs on two levels—geographical and legal status.

“The West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, Palestinians in ’48, the Golan Heights, and refugees. Moreover, as in the rest of the world, there are two key tactics of control: neoliberal capitalist economic freedoms instead of self-determination, and second, empowering proxy-control factions like criminal syndicates and quasi-political leaders. Solidarity is not a sideline voice; it is an active participatory practice, not just for a distant place, but for us and our belief in human worth. Solidarity demands that we step out of the comfort created by capitalism and make sacrifices. I sacrifice my safety by speaking out, but compared to what is happening, it is the least I can do. You can do the same, and it will have a huge impact. Ultimately, this is a historic moment. We must not be passive because these moments will shape the future of the world. Be bold in your imagination for a different future.”