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The Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro is pleased to announce the premiere of the new show “Art Diversity,” a co-production between the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro and RTCG.

The premiere of “Art Diversity” will take place on Saturday, March 30, 2024, at 9:30 PM on the RTCG2 channel.

“Art Diversity” explores a wide range of contemporary art and the cultural scene through conversations and stories that guide us through various artistic directions, exhibitions, artistic interpretations, and original research.

Focusing on the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro (MCAM) as the central meeting place for the latest artistic trends, “Art Diversity” takes us on a journey into the world of art through interviews with curators, artists, and experts in various fields of art and culture, opening a dialogue on the significance and impact of contemporary art on our society.

This project is not only artistic in nature but also a significant contribution to the community. “Art Diversity” emphasizes the importance of art as a catalyst for social changes and trends. Through its analyses and stories, the show aims to encourage reflection on art as a mirror of society, reflecting our culture, identity, and values.

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Montenegro plays a leading role in this context. As an institution that preserves, promotes, and interprets artworks, the museum is not just a guardian of heritage but also a driver of discussions on contemporary issues and ideas. Through exhibitions, educational programs, and now via the show “Art Diversity,” MCAM continues to be a center of cultural events and an incubator of new ideas.

Follow us on our platforms and be part of this new artistic adventure. “Art Diversity” is your invitation to explore the world of art in an entirely new way!

Link to the announcement of the first episode: